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Notes on getting my M1 Rails + Foreman environment working

I expect this to evolve quickly and different things seem to be working for different people. In the meantime, hope to avoid a few rabbit holes for others.

  1. rvm worked for ruby 3.0.0 but not 2.6.6 (which is what I needed). cflags workarounds made it so ruby could get installed but gems with native extensions like grpc could not compile correctly. Tried asdf before trying rbenv and it worked, so I stuck with asdf.
  2. Had to prepend every brew installation (including brew itself) with arch -x86_64 brew install ....
  3. After installing asdf, I installed bundler as usual. No arch -x86_64 or anything. Same for bundle install afterwards.
  4. This DriftingRuby episode helped a lot.

I don't think the following were necessary but this is what I did because installing things with brew was getting hairy:

  1. Use Postgres.app to keep PostgreSQL running in the background, deleted it from my Procfile. Naturally, I have to start Postgres manually before I start Foreman.
  2. Downloaded ElasticSearch binaries and put the path in my Procfile. Essentially /Users/jose/dependencies/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-#.#.#/bin/elasticsearch

Cowork con Técnica Pomodoro

Con esta herramienta https://cuckoo.team/ y algún canal de conversación (zoom, meet, etc) podemos correr pomodoros para grupos de enfoque de trabajo. La idea es proponerse enfocarse de manera grupal. Y sentir el compromiso de lograr el foco con otras personas. En los recesos se convive y comparten experiencias. Es bastante agradable realizarlo.

Inserting images in markdown posts

If you want to insert an image inside a markdown body, you can do it with:

![alt text](https://cdn.host.com/image.png "Title")

Example: MagmaLabs

Getting Postgres version using rails console

If you are not sure what PG version your environment is using, execute this in the rails console:

ActiveRecord::Base.connection.select_value('SELECT version()')

How to see the full backtrace when running rspec

If you need to see the full backtrace of your tests, all you need to do is to add --backtrace to the command:

bundle exec rspec spec/model/user_spec.rb --backtrace

VSCode live sharing rules for pair programming


If you're a fan of pair programming like I am and you haven't tried VSCode's live sharing functionality, then prepare to be delighted and amazed. It's breathtaking. You get multi-cursor support, and seamless sharing of local servers and terminals. Totally blew me away, and we will be using it for sure at Kickass Partners.

Dropbox is ending support for public folders

File this one under huge pain in the ass... Dropbox is ending support for public folders as of September 17th, 2017. Luckily that's a lot of lead time.

Description of the new Shared Files functionality that replaces public folders.