Smoothly Expanding Search Box with CSS Transitions and Tailwind CSS

Are you looking to create a search box that expands smoothly when it becomes active? You can achieve this effect using CSS transitions and Tailwind CSS.

To get started, create an HTML input element with the desired styling using Tailwind CSS classes. Then, add the transition-all and duration-500 classes to the input element to specify that all CSS properties should have a smooth transition effect over a duration of 500 milliseconds.

Finally, use the transform property to scale the width of the input element to the desired value when it becomes active. For example, you can use the focus:w-64 class to set the width to 64 Tailwind units when the input element is focused.

Here's the code for the HTML input element with the necessary Tailwind CSS classes:

<input type="text" placeholder="Search..." autocomplete="off"
       class="rounded-md bg-gray-400 border-gray-200
       border-2 text-gray-800 p-1 w-28 focus:bg-white
       focus:flex-1 focus:pr-12
       transition-all duration-500 transform focus:w-64">

By adding these classes, you should see a smooth transition effect as the search box expands when it becomes active. You can adjust the duration and transform values to customize the effect to your liking.