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Use isSameorAfter to set condition to select specific periods

momentjs is a JavaScript library that helps parse, validate, manipulate, and display date/time in JavaScript in a very easy way.

momentjs provide specific instructions to handle dates which can create conditions in each one, to select a period after and same that you needed, like a >= instruction use isSameorAfter:

moment('2010-10-20').isSameOrAfter('2010-10-19'); // true
moment('2010-10-20').isSameOrAfter('2010-10-20'); // true
moment('2010-10-20').isSameOrAfter('2010-10-21'); // false

data-scheme to add styles!

If you need to add styles to an element when the page is in dark mode, simply use the data-scheme of the page followed by the class or ID of the element you want to add styles to.

[data-scheme="dark"] .js-subs-text-inputs {
   color: #FFFFFF;